Tata Consultancy Services spends roughly about Rs 500 crore on electricity per annum. To crimp this bill, this giant IT firm decided to focus on wastage of electricity and took a Smart move.

“TCS, is the first company to implement such an integrated, centrally-controlled system to save electricity across all its Indian centres.”

In an operations control room in one of its campus, 12 employees keep an eye on the firm’s 100 buildings across the country. The control room monitors real-time electricity usage and uses sensors, big data and analytics to tweak chiller and lighting systems of the firm to cut wastage on a daily basis. The sensor used, does not just keep tabs on electricity consumption of its massive chiller units but also is capable of executing commands like powering down these units. Also, a software code was developed that would pull data from sensors that were placed at all its campuses. An analytics interface was created to unify and crunch data from air-conditioners, lights, computing systems. This system makes accurate predictions that can be acted upon in real-time.

“The system tells accurately how much energy is needed in a week”

As a result, In the 11 months since the system was put in place, TCS managed to keep its electricity spend flat — despite its seating capacity going up 15%.Taking this project a step further, the company has also built a trading system to allow it to buy just as much power as it needs at favourable costs, when the electricity market in India reaches that level.

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