The need for car pooling is growing exponentially as is traffic congestion. The BBMP has proposed to improve mobility in Whitefield under Smart Cities Mission with congestion cess levied on those who don’t car pool. As an observance, on the roads, two cars take up the space of an entire bus which hauls on an average of 50 commuters,ie, one car expends 25 times more space than a bus commuter. This is the primary cause of congestion, among others. Carpooling is an illustrious solution for traffic congestion, but for the most part our worlds and schedules are too dynamic for us to wait around.

Mr.Srinath, the founder of Lets Drive Along (LDA) has discerned the pitfalls and barriers due to which car owners cease to car pool. According to LDA, the empty seats in a private car must be filled and these are not interchangeable with other commuters using public or office transport. Analogical to Pareto’s law, LDA has recognize that 20% of vehicles cause 80% of traffic problems. LDA stands wherein only car owners can use the app to car pool.

As listed by LDA, there are three key factors in carpooling: Availability of commuters, flexibility with respect to time with no compromises to be made, and security. Carpooling should be perceived as a community activity and LDA has worked out this aspect as a point to point pooling without any money exchange. With over 11000 car owners in their database, this insinuates that on an average every user has 17 neighbors to carpool in a 2 kilometer range at the start and destination location.

LDA’s Carpooling solution has been endorsed by Bangalore Traffic Police and recognized by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. They have been acclaimed through awards like Anthahprerana, Promising Start-up Award from TiE.


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